ODDIN & Nigerian Voices

ODDIN & Nigerian Voices
In its bid to strengthen democratic values and deepen electoral participation in Nigeria, ALERT Africa has developed two sister programmes operating in tandem: Nigerian Voices and ODDIN Programmes.

Nigerian Voices program is about utilizing stakeholders of the Nigerian entertainment industry to rally national pride and patriotism – especially at a time where national morale is at record low. It is about eliciting positive actions and workable roadmaps beyond usual conversation and chatter, defining  to this generation and the next, what it is to be Nigerian. It is a people centered drive.

ODDIN (On Deepening Democracy in Nigeria)

 Program is an institutional and policy-based initiative aimed at supporting and sustaining democratic institutions and their officials by creating a platform for communication, training, policy development, and evaluation. Together with other partner organizations including GOTNI Leadership Centre, Policy House International, and Pinecone Strategy UK, the ODDIN program aims to broaden and deepen Nigeria’s democratic space by making all other political parties more visible. With ODDIN, officials of all the 18 political parties at federal and state levels are engaged in rigorous cross-country training sessions on further understanding and activating their roles as political parties in instilling democratic values and processes. They are trained, supported, and empowered to embark on the train the trainer initiatives in their respective states down to ward level whereafter airtime from media outlets from TV, radio, print, and social media platforms are purchased and made available to them to further engage with their respective communities. These activities, put together, help the otherwise unpopular smaller political parties get visibility and build a support base while strengthening and deepening democratic participation at all levels. 

For more information on both projects, please download the project brochures below or visit www.alertafrica.uk/ODDIN and www.alertafrica.uk/nigerianvoices.